Career -- Rhys' career has hit new heights in the last 365 Days, with a recurring role on Designated Survivor (ABC), appearance on Taken (NBC), and working intensely with multiple Academy Award winners and nominees in "The Performance" (release date Spring 2017), and "Operation Insanity" (2017 release date). Rhys has also wrapped with multiple Genie Award Winners in "The Meaning of Life" (release date Fall 2016), and Lifetime/TF1 Movie of the Week (MOW) "Taken Too Far" (2017).

Training -- Rhys' extensive training has included lengthy stints with Detroit's two preeminent acting coaches, Brian Lawrence and Christopher Bondy. The former employed heavy doses of Strasberg and Uta Hagen techniques, while the latter focused heavily on a more modern, simplified method acting style of technique, improvisational, and character study. Lewis Baumander, a Toronto coach of note, has aided in scene study and audition preparation, intensive time spent with audition prep specialist Mark Baur, and several hundred hours dedicated to combat stage fighting with one of Canada's top fight directors Dan Levinson.

Personal Life -- In a previous life Rhys was one of Canada's top track & field athletes, and when not working is found backpacking in some random country while scuba diving, learning the local language and indulging in its culture. He plays the cello badly and is busy creating/renovating a 31,000 square foot film & television incubation center.


"You are (expletive) great." -- Kiefer Sutherland on the set of Designated Survivor

"Rhys has leading man looks but loads of comedic timing to go with it, which is a very uncommon combination, and is very believable on screen." -- Polly Shannon.

“Keep that guy around. Rhys is a very strong actor. He has one of the rarest of abilities, the ability to quickly take your direction and incorporate it into his performance within seconds, all ready for the next take.” – unsolicited praise from Genie Best Actor Winner Nick Mancuso to the Director of The Performance.

“You are an excellent listener.” – high praise thespian to thespian from Genie Best Actor Award Winner Art Hindle