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May 28, 2016

Back from 3 weeks in Europe; mix of film business and pleasure (seeing family). Miss it already! Did some great networking and co-pro discussion in London, UK — and looking good for my first British production (I have dual citizenship. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and all that!).

Malta was amazing. A lot of people, even within the industry, would have no idea how much filming this small island does. After doing my acting thang, I was sitting in the middle of a studio lot in fellow actor Chris Dingli’s car (13 Hours), and he says “do you know where you are?” Me: “Um…” ” Chris: “Right in the middle of the coliseum shots in Gladitor. Reduced back to gravel, shame that! Amazing facilities including a couple of pools to shoot on or in for those underwater scenes. Met with virtually anyone of consequence in Malta in the industry, and there’s definitely going to be some work cooking. Sword and Sandal here we come.

To finish this off — here’s a photo with me, some of the crew — and a scorpion. Handed to me by the production manager within minutes of my first arrival. Let me at least grab a coffee first or — perish the thought — get acting already!!! LOL!!! Jokes aside awesome crew, awesome venue at the Maltese studios. You can see the Infinity Pool in the background.


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