Indie Thriller: Taken Too Far AKA Deadly Dance Mom

May 1, 2017

Indie Thriller, Taken Too Far also known as it’s working title, Deadly Dance Mom is directed by John Lynch and produced by Pasha Patriki and Patrick Lilly. Working with Director John Lynch was a blast. The guy has directed a ton of Star Trek episodes over the years, horror classic Prom Night — I mean to work with a guy like that was fantastic. Totally an “actor’s director”.

The TV film Taken Too Far is focused around a jealous dance mom that takes super extreme measures to ensure her daughter wins a scholarship to an exclusive dance academy. The victim’s mother will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter from the rival mom’s evil scheme.

The Stars of this Lifetime Channel TV movie are Beverly Mitchell, known from her most popular role as Lucy on the hit TV show, 7th Heaven, played dance mom Beth. Along with fellow Canadian Actress Christina Cox who played Jeanette, the evil dance mom. Being in the presence of these actresses was pretty awesome. It was great to see them absorb their roles with such passion, ready to take on each scene.



I had a blast playing Detective Thompson in this movie; totally jaded cop from the mean streets of Chicago, loving coffee and hating shaving. He’s head of investigations when a kidnapping goes wrong, and has to help figure out where the kid is before the crazy Dance Mom does something REALLY heinous.



On April 24, 2017 Deadly Dance Mom made its debut on France Television. Super exciting to hear a movie shot in Toronto Ontario was airing in France! Can’t wait to hear what viewers in another country thought of the thriller.

Be on the lookout for this movie on the Lifetime Channel but if you haven’t seen the trailer yet you gotta check it out!


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